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Why Need For lock Down(Quarantine): Helpful or not For stop Coronavirus

Why Need For lock Down(Quarantine)

Post Date-24-march-2020

News-It is considered that coronavirus is spread from Wuhan city in china country at till 3277 Person is suspected and 81177 people are suspected. Only one positive person is to meet in between 6 days. Whats reason for this we Explain-

To Controlled this situation China has use 2 way-

1-Technology-Mobile app-In technology china uses a mobile app developed by Alibaba in which three light available(Red, green and blue) that indicate suspected corona person.
Drones -Second Use Drones For monitoring Every Person like use or not mask, where to stand people.

2.Administrative Rules-
First lockdown the government Wuhan city.Government quarantine public transport, All stores, etc. Only open medical facility and Food transport and allow the mask to every person strictly. These rules gain success to the
China. To see the result almost all countries decide to quarantine the country.

At today News (24-march-2020)
-In Italy 6077 people Death -In the europian country, this is the top corona affected country.


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