Terms & Conditions

Last modified: November 16, 2019

  • 1. GeneralThese Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) governs the use of the services (“Service”) that are made available by rightguruji.com (“rightguruji.com”, “we” or “us”). These Terms and Conditions represent the whole agreement and understanding between rightguruji.com and the individual or entity who subscribes to our service (“Subscriber” or “you”). PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. By submitting your application and by your use of the Service, you agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. rightguruji.com may terminate your account at any time, with or without notice, for conduct that is in breach of this Agreement, for conduct that rightguruji.com believes is harmful to its business, or for conduct where the use of the Service is harmful to any other party.rightguruji.com may, in its sole discretion, change or modify this Agreement at any time, with or without notice. Such changes or modifications shall be made effective for all Subscribers upon posting of the modified Agreement to this web address (URL):  You are responsible to read this document from time to time to ensure that your use of the Service remains in compliance with this Agreement.
  • 2. Services rightguruji.com offers Subscribers domain name registration, website hosting, and email hosting services for the duration of the service term purchased from rightguruji.com.Services are provided on the basis of facility and equipment availability. rightguruji.com reserves the right to modify, change, or discontinue any aspect of the Services at any time. Access to the web and email servers is terminated upon expiry of the Service. Details regarding your account can be found in your account control panel
  • 3. Web HostingAll rightguruji.com web hosting accounts will display a “Coming Soon” web page by default when activated. This page informs visitors that the Subscriber has recently setup their account with rightguruji.com. The “Coming Soon” default index web page may be removed by the Subscriber at any time once they have access to the web server. The “Coming Soon” web page may include, but without limitation to, the following:
    1. Links to additional products and services offered by rightguruji.com.
    2. Advertisements for products and services offered by third-parties.
    3. An internet search engine interface.All web page error requests (such as 403 errors or 404 errors) will direct traffic to a default rightguruji.com error page. This error page informs visitors that the web page they are looking for cannot be found, and may include, but without limitation to, the following: promotional offers. Promotional offers, including special introductory rates, promotional rates, or any non-regular pricing, are only available to new customers and are only valid for the initial term. All hosting services will renew at the regular renewal rate. In the absence of a cancellation request from you, your hosting service will be renewed for a successive term, at the regular renewal rate, on the 16th of the expiry month.