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Supreme Court Ordered to UP Government to Hold the 37399 Post Total of 69000

SC Ordered to UP Government to Hold the 37399 Post


Supreme Court(SC) gives the Ordered to the Uttar Pradesh government (UP) that they hold the 37399 Post total of 69000 teacher recruitment. Now Court Fixed the next hearing 14-July-2020.

What’s Matter –

Actually, in the last hearing, the Supreme Court had asked the UP government to get data on how man Shikshamitras have passed at the 40/45 cutoff. But Shikshamitras say that in the written test, a total 45357 Shikshamitras had entered the form, out of which 8018 Shikshamitra passed with 60-65%. But there is no data on how many instructors passed at the 40–45 cutoff. Therefore, out of 69000 posts, 37339 posts should be reserved or recruited assistant teachers or stay on the entire recruitment process.

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